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I started this series end of 2020. During that time I lived quarantined. I spent my time hiking and observing nature, watching the sky, the movements of the clouds, listening to the wind blowing through dry branches and to the creaking of pine trees, touching rocks, roots, green moss, or dipping my hands in the freezing water of a stream to feel the harsh coldness of nature.

I like to show nature as a reflection of feelings. I focus on finding shapes and forms which I can use like symbols and can express through these my spiritual energy and state of mind.



Tuan Anh took his inspiration from human artefacts: On a scroll through the alleyways of Rome, inconspicuous relics of frescoes drew his attention.

So inspired he started to develop his own „personal relics“ and pieces of memory. Each single piece of art tells its own story and invites the beholder to contemplate on his own memories.

Tuan Anh chose cement as medium to imitate the brokenness and weariness of his relics.



Tuan Anh doesn't trust the stability of his structures. The organic forms are constantly changing. Nothing seems eternal. In these paintings, a reminder of the transience of all earthly things is given: different structures of decaying organic matter can be conjectured: ice, leaves, insect wings, spider webs, bones, fire, smoke, flower... Vanitas is a constant theme in this series.



Tuan Anh creates images that tell stories of “Fairytale Worlds”. He also uses fables as a stylistic device. From a great void the first “islands of intimacy” has been created, hope germinates and the positive crystallized out.

The artist chooses silk: the delicate, fine fabrics as an expression of tenderness, weaves with black ink contrast. Images and the power of color and materials relate. Black and white also dominant here, as in his work in recent years.



With the number of immigrants in Europe being higher than ever, migration is a highly topical issue particularly in Germany. Tuan Anh, as a Vietnamese artist, showed this series in the exhibition “Migration and Identity” at the Goethe-Institut in Hanoi.

Many of the immigrants are living with two cultures, raising questions of self- and external-perception again and again: Where do I come from? Where do I belong? How am I seen by others?

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